Cleaning Apartments in North London

We offer various cleaning services to take care of your tedious cleaning tasks. We understand that people are often pressed for time and energy to thoroughly clean in today’s fast-paced world. That's why our cleaning company is here to help. We provide a solution to this problem by taking on time-consuming and unpleasant cleaning tasks. Our team of professionals ensures everything is done efficiently, effectively, and at an affordable price.

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Home Cleaning Service

We are a full-service company based in London that offers a wide range of high-quality cleaning services for houses, flats, and offices. Our professionalism, punctuality, and reasonable price policy in London have already satisfied thousands of clients who have entrusted us with cleaning their properties. If you need quality cleaning services, please don't hesitate to contact us at 0208 090 1012 or book online.

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Reasons to Choose Our Services

  • A reliable company. Our services are used and trusted by over 1000 of our clients on a regular basis

  • A high level of professionalism. All our cleaners have a great experience

  • A profitable price. We provide services at reasonable prices in London

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    What does our cleaning company offer for North London cleaning?

    For professional аfter builders cleaning, we have special construction vacuum cleaners that are effectively dealing with construction dust and debris. Cleaning vacuum cleaners perfectly wash tiles. A steam generator will cope with complex construction stains. Powerful equipment, safe and effective detergents in the hands of our team will rid your home of dust and dirt after construction.

  • Cleaning North London: prices and bookings

    Our cleaning agency in North London offers a wide range of cleaning services at affordable prices. We carry out all types of cleaning work, which means the cost of cleaning an apartment can vary considerably. Several factors determine the price of apartment cleaning services, such as the area of the room, its condition, the list of works included, frequency of cleaning, degree of pollution and type of dirt, the need for specific chemicals and specialised equipment, and the urgency of execution.
    While our pricing is available on our website, we prioritise an individual approach when calculating and completing applications. We strive to offer your apartment the most cost-effective and high-quality cleaning services.
    Our company is prepared to tackle any cleaning challenge, with our service workers bringing their own cleaning materials and equipment. All you need to provide is access to water and electricity. We accept applications from all corners of London, making our services easily accessible and convenient for you.

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    North London cleaning and its features

    If you're considering hiring professional cleaning services in North London, you don't have to be present throughout the cleaning process. This convenience allows you to save time and focus on other tasks. You can give your keys to our employees beforehand and specify when they should finish. Once the job is done, you just have to inspect and approve the work.
    When it comes to apartment cleaning, the price includes all the necessary materials, including household chemicals, disinfectants, specialised equipment, steam generators, ladders, etc. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to hire professionals to clean their personal belongings. We use only the best methods to remove dirt and stains without damaging the integrity and appearance of your items.
    Our range of services is flexible and customisable to meet your unique needs. You can consult with our manager to determine the best cleaning plan for you, whether it's daily or general cleaning. You can also request cleaning for specific areas of your apartment, such as the kitchen or the hallway, after a renovation.

How We Work

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    Step 1

    Call us or go to the booking page

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    Step 2

    Choose the services you are interested in

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    Step 3

    Choose a convenient time and date

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    Step 4

    Get a cleaning service for your property

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a cleaning service?

Our cleaning specialist will plan all the cleaning tasks and do their job according to the deadline.

Does the cleaner use his or her own cleaning products and equipment or do I have to provide them?

You can either provide your own cleaning supplies and equipment or agree on the cleaning supplies to be used with the manager, depending on the type of job.

May I use the same cleaner for regular cleaning?

We provide the same cleaner for regular services.

Do I have to pay if I do not need the cleaning service for some time?

You only pay if you use the cleaning service. You have to inform us about the cancellation 24 hours in advance.

Service Reviews

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Andy Austin

    I am very satisfied with the company's work! The cleaner always comes on time and thoroughly cleans my apartment. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable and quality cleaning contractor in London.

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Karen Anderson

    I ordered general cleaning of the apartment before Christmas. I was disappointed that the cleaners were late, they didn't warn me about the delay but my mood changed after accepting the work done. The cleaning was done flawlessly. Thank you!.

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Laure Foster

    The cleaners did their work quickly and quite well. I recommend everyone who orders cleaning to carefully determine the scope of work, because a miracle will not happen if you missed something while discussing the cleaning details.

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Jim Evans

    I am sincerely grateful for the high-quality cleaning and cleaning of upholstered furniture. Coordinated work and the manager's attention to detail gives a quality result. Every corner was washed to a shine. I will only turn to you.

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Alice Scott

    Last week, I ordered a general cleaning of the apartment. Pleasantly surprised by the quality. Everything shines. I am satisfied with everything. Before and after the difference is palpable! The guys and girls are all professionals in their field. I will apply again.

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Devid Cooper

    I ordered general cleaning from the company. The cleaners made a doll out of the apartment quickly and qualitatively. When I came in, I was in shock. My house has never been so clean! Just sterile. And the smell is pleasant. I recomend and thank you again!!!

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Thomas Miller

    Ordered cleaning after repair. First of all, the quality of the cleaning itself was important to me. This particular company was recommended in the FB group. The company was selected carefully. The cleaning was done in one day. The result was very impressive. Clean and fresh!

  • reviewer photo reviews rating
    Emma Glibert

    Thanks for the good cleaning. After such an experience, I thought about the feasibility of cleaning myself. I am very grateful to the company's employees for their hard work. Everything was done carefully and conscientiously. I will definitely order again.

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